An Excursion to the Ranqueles Indians

Written by Lucio V. Mansilla

"In 1868, at the end of the presidency of Mitre, he enthusiastically supported the candidacy of Sarmiento who rewarded him by appointing him as colonel and Commander of Borders in Rio IV province of Córdoba. There he made his campaign against the aborigines that will be immortalized in his work An excursion to the Ranqueles Indians. The work was published in installments in the newspaper La Tribuna throughout 1870. Five years later she would be awarded the first prize of the International Geographical Congress of Paris." – Philip Pigna

Lucius .V. Mansilla An Excursion to the Ranqueles Indians - Year 1982
Lucius .V. Mansilla An Excursion to the Ranqueles Indians – Year 1982

History of the World Cup – World Cup in Russia 2018

The Champion was France who defeated Croatia 4-2

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Champion in South Africa was Spain. First World Cup won by the country.

Argentina was part of Group B along with Nigeria, Greece and South Korea

Never Again – March 24, 1976

On March 24, 1976, it began with the overthrow of Maria Estela Martinez de Perón, a succession of dictatorial governments that carried out a systematic plan of disappearance of people, detained without trial or more reason than their ideological thought. It was a dark night for the country, which began to end with the return of democracy in 1983, after the defeat in the Falklands War.

Never Again - Human Rights