Postage Stamps Classified by Theme

Antarctic Theme

Argentina headquarters of the Antarctic Treaty secretariat - 2005 110 Years of the Orkney Base 25th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty Antarctica 1987

25th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty

Military Uniforms – Militaria

Soldier Patrick

Sports Theme

Argentina World Cup 1978 basic stamp that circulated between 1977 and 1979

Próceres Theme

General José de San Martín Famous Personalities Year 1986

Theme Health and Disease Campaigns

ENCOTEL Basic Series against AIDS Ricardo Gutierrez Children's Hospital Road safety

Historical Commemorations

Reconquest of Buenos Aires Che Guevara 1997 Flowers - April 14 Day of the Americas - 1961 Argentine Air Force Day

Old Website Pages

AdvertisingObres First Day of Broadcast    

How to Take Off Postage Stamps from Envelopes

CEFINI (Ituzaingó Philatelic and Numismatic Center)

Diego Armando Maradona and the Hand of Good

September 6, 2003

April 2, 1982

Music Postage Stamps

Antonio Berni

Popular Libraries

Rosario Victoria Bridge