Postage Stamps, an expression of Argentine culture, art and history.

200 Años del Cruce de los Andes - Año 2017
Hoja Block 200 Years of the Crossing of the Andes.

EVA PERON - Año 1954
EVA PERON – Año 1954

Observing the reality of a country, through images is possible. One of the ways to do it is to know their Postage Stamps. They reflect the landscapes, their heroes, their culture and history. On a stamp can be forever imprinted the memory of a relevant event or highlighted fact. I invite you to enter this world, to try to understand a little more, our beloved country, ARGENTINA

Tren a las Nubes - Mini Pliego Año 2011
Train to the Clouds – Mini Sheet Year 2011

Here you will find postage stamps dedicated to heroes of our independence, series dedicated to historical commemorations, postage stamps of the Argentine Antarctic. My collection starts in the 1970s, but you’ll also find some older classics.

Pablo Di Maria – Thursday 11 July 2024

Anniversary of the May Revolution of 1810

Argentina World Cup Champion – Qatar 2022 World Cup

Step to the Immortality of the Liberator of America Gen. Don José de San Martín

Philately Argentina – February 22, 1998 – 2024 We celebrate 26 years on the Internet

Circulated Letters: Stories of the Past.

All immigrant families, we have a very special relationship with letters. In them, news came from our loved ones on the other side of the Atlantic. Sometimes good news and other times not so much. Go this tribute to what they meant to each of our families.

San José Gabriel del Rosario Brochero - El Cura Gaucho - Year 2016
San José Gabriel del Rosario Brochero – El Cura Gaucho – Year 2016

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The Best Goal of all time, according to the eyes of whoever looks at it, made by Diego Armando Maradona in the 1986 World Cup. The Argentines have no doubt that it was the most fantastic of all the goals ever seen. If anyone does not understand what this goal by Maradona meant to many Argentines, I recommend that they read the story: “They will have to Excuse Me” by Eduardo Sacheri. This story can be read in the book: “Waiting for Tito and other football stories” by Editorial Galerna. Diego Armando Maradona, gave us many sporting joys to the Argentines. Here you will find various series of stamps of the World Cups.

Antarctica Argentina

Base Esperanza
Base Esperanza


The question of the Malvinas Islands, sovereignty since always.
The question of the Malvinas Islands, sovereignty has always been.

Argentine Painting – Antonio Berni La Zapallera – Year 1983

Angelo Roncalli Beato Juan XXIII - Año 2003
Angelo Roncalli Beato Juan XXIII – Año 2003
Matasello Primer Día - Malvinas nos une - Año 2022
Postmark First Day – Malvinas nos une – Year 2022