Polio, vaccination and philately

Fight against Polio
Fight against Polio

In 1956 there was one of the largest epidemics of poliomyelitis in our country, a viral disease that was strongly fought against throughout the world, due to the large number of deaths it produced, no curative treatment and countless paralytic sequelae that it produced.

In 1955 the first polio vaccine had been announced, called Salk or IPV (in honor of Jonas Salk). With this vaccine, a drastic change in the history of medicine was achieved, by preventing an infection with high morbidity and mortality. Years later, another vaccine with oral x-attenuated viruses was developed, the well-known Sabin or OPV vaccine, which was administered for many decades around the world.

Thanks to these two vaccines, this disease has been eradicated in much of the world, to date, only few countries have cases of polio.

In 1984 the last case of polio was declared in our country, and in 1991 it was definitively eradicated in the region of the Americas.

Polio vaccination is needed today to keep our beloved Argentina free of disease.

Join from 1/10 to 13/11 to the new vaccination campaign.

Dr Karina Valeria Carletti

Vaccination Campaign
National Vaccination Campaign

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