Major General Manuel Nicolás Savio

The need to satisfy the demand for materials intended for national defense, and the circumstance of not existing in the country private industry that could fulfill it, made that in 1923, the creation of a group of military factories was planned. Public opinion welcomed this idea, since it evidenced the purpose of supplying war materiel on the basis of its own industrial potential, which would free the country from dependence on the outside, and grant sufficient freedom of action in the event of a national emergency.

On October 9, 1941, the National Directorate of Military Fabrications was born.

Product of the Vision of a man who over the years was making a silent work in favor of the industrialization of the country.

He was the promoter of the Law of the Argentine Steel Plan and the creation of the Technical School of the Army.

Division General Manuel Nicolás Savio

Law 12987 and its amending Law 15801 known as the Savio Law, in homage to its creator, was sanctioned by the Honorable Congress of the Nation on June 13, 1947, and approved the Argentine Steel Plan and the constitution of the company SOMISA. Its main purposes were:

  • Produce steel in the country.
  • Supply steel to the national processing and finishing industry.
  • Ensure the evolution and further consolidation of the Argentine steel industry.