EVA PERON (Year 2002)

María Eva Duarte de Perón (1919-1952). Argentine lady married to former President Juan Domingo Perón. He collaborated with Perón's workers' policy and led a Social Aid Foundation. His figure enjoyed great popularity. He wrote an autobiographical book " The Reason for My Life " (1951)

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May 7, 1919 : Born in Los Toldos, province of Buenos Aires. Daughter of Juana Ibarguren and Juan Duarte. As her father had another marriage she was noted with the maternal surname.

January 8, 1926 : Juan Duarte, his father, dies.

1931 : The family moves to Junín, Province of Buenos Aires, where his mother cooks for customers who eat at home.  

1933 : First theatrical performance of Eva, at the Normal School of Junín, in the play "Arriba Estudiantes". He finishes sixth grade, the highest formal education he attained. He had repeated second grade.

January 3, 1935 : He leaves Junín and arrives in Buenos Aires, to try an artistic career.  

March 28, 1935 : Theatrical debut, with a small role in the company of actress Eva Franco.

May 1, 1939 : He stars for the first time in a radio theater " Los jazmines del ochenta "

January 22, 1944 : First public meeting with Perón at a festival for the victims of the San Juan earthquake.

May 1944 : He appears in the film " La Cabalgata del Circo " with Hugo del Carril and Libertad Lamarque.

October 12, 1945 : Perón is separated from the government and arrested. He writes Eva three letters from prison.

October 17, 1945 : Thousands of workers march to Plaza de Mayo, asking for the freedom of Perón, who at midnight speaks to the people from the balcony of the Casa Rosada. Eva listens to him on the radio in her apartment on Posadas Street.

October 22, 1945 : She marries Juan Perón in Junín.;  

December 10, 1945 : They are married by church in La Plata.

February 24, 1946 : The Perón-Quijano formula triumphs. She becomes first lady and abandons her artistic career.

June 4, 1946 : He began social and political activity when Perón took office.

June-August 1947 : He makes an official tour of Spain (he speaks for the first time before a crowd), France, Italy (he meets with Pope Pius XII), Portugal and Switzerland.

September 9, 1947 : The female vote is promoted, the main demand of the Peronist Women's Party, created and directed by Evita.

The Myth is born

1950 : First symptoms of his disease. Eva resists surgery. Her name is installed as a candidate for Vice President.

August 22, 1951 : In the open Cabildo of Justicialism, the crowd asks him to accept the vice presidency.

August 30 : Avoid renouncing the candidacy.

September 28 : General Benjamín Menéndez leads an attempted coup against Perón.

October 15, 1951 : "The Reason for My Life" is published, an autobiographical text that becomes compulsory school reading.

November 5, 1951 : Eva is operated on without success. It is already weak and very impaired.

November 11, 1951 : The Perón – Quijano formula triumphs. Eva votes for the first time and only once in her life.

May 1, 1952 : He delivers his last speech.

June 4, 1952 : Weighing 33 kilos and helped by a wire and plaster corset, she accompanies her husband during the assumption of the second term.

July 26, 1952 : He died at the age of 33, at the presidential residence of Austria and Liberator.

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