Dollarization is not freedom

Javier Milei wants to dollarize the country, as a solution to the inflationary problem of the Argentine economy. Milei raises the flag of freedom, but for him freedom is to leave the monetary policy of the Argentines to the decisions of a foreign country. This is NOT freedom. Freedom is being able to choose freely. He uses the violent imposition of ending an institution of our country such as the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (by the way, there is no serious country that does not have a Sovereign Central Bank). He argues his position on the lack of independence of the organism, and that it has submitted to the wishes of the executive power of the day, printing banknotes without hard currency backing (This is true).

However, the solution is that the Central Bank fulfills its function of taking care of the value of our national currency, controlling the backing of our currency with the reserves in gold standard, or other currencies that we have.

Freedom is to be able to choose between a strong Argentine National Currency, or the foreign currency of your choice, either for savings, hoarding, or to carry out your transactions and exchanges of goods.

Milei, does not have the capacity to discern, nor to accept the things that other administrators of public goods and rulers have done well, he comes to destroy everything and to mis-sell again, state goods that could be in surplus. He is capable of putting an end to the recovery of the national railway system, so necessary to transport the work of Argentines to the ports and export, simply because they need state investment, without being able to see the gain in welfare and quality of life that a good railway system can generate in towns in the interior of the country.

Milei cannot discern or realize that a voucher system for public education is only useful in large urban conglomerates. He thinks that a rural school, where our children from rural areas attend, should not exist, ignoring the right of our children from any part of our country to receive quality education.

Milei comes to finish Menem’s work and wishes to submit our country to foreign economic power.

Freedom is to be able to choose between a strong, well-controlled national currency and the foreign currency of your choice.

Freedom is that our children have the right to receive quality education whether they were born in a humble home or not.

Freedom is to have a country with private industrial development and national capitals, private shipbuilding industry and national capitals.

Freedom is to have real justice and to have those who commit crimes go to jail, including corrupt rulers and businessmen who lend themselves to give and receive bribes.

Freedom is to be able to have security to walk the streets of your country whether you live in a poor neighborhood or not.

Freedom is to put an end to drug trafficking and drugs in the streets.

Freedom is to have strong armed forces that can protect our natural resources.

Milei, comes to destroy everything with his chainsaw, both what is right and what is wrong. To choose Milei is to end up being a slave. Milei is not Freedom.