Antarctic Campaigns

Antarctic Campaign Conducted with the Russian Icebreaker Vasily Golovnin – 2010

The Antarctic Campaign of the Year 2010 was carried out with the Russian Icebreaker Vasily Golovnin, because the Icebreaker ARA Almirante Irizar of the Argentine Navy was under repair.

Icebreaker ARA Almirante Irizar

Stamp issued in 2007. During this year when the Antarctic campaign was already ending, on its return in the South Atlantic, the Icebreaker Almirante Irizar suffered a fire of considerable dimensions; to such an extent that the Captain of the Icebreaker, had to order the evacuation of the same.After ordering its 238 passengers to leave the ship, Captain Guillermo Tarapow, remained in it coordinating the rescue of all its crew, by fishing boats that sailed in the area. All were rescued safe and sound, while the Captain continued alone in the Icebreaker that was starting for 48 hours and with serious danger to his life because the boat had serious risks of exploding if the fire advanced on the fuel compartments.

After the destroyer Almirante Brown, and the corvettes "Rovinson" and "Granville" and a tugboat of the Argentine Navy came to her aid along with a group of 30 navy specialists, the icebreaker was towed to Puerto Belgrano, where it arrived on Saturday, April 21, 2007.

Captain William Tarapow, fulfilled an old seafaring tradition by which the Captain must follow the fate of his ship. The Captain did his job becoming the emblematic figure of this year 2007.

I hope that in the same way that the Captain fulfilled his work, the Argentine authorities , (Ministry of Defense and Navy ) will fulfill theirs by ensuring the Argentine Antarctic campaign of next year 2008.

Pablo Di Maria ( 2007-05-01 )