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Cecilia grierson

Madre Teresa de Calcuta


The 8 of March of 1857, a group of 146 workers of a textile factory, die in a fire, locked up within the factory in which they remained in strike in reclamation by better conditions of work and security.

This day was chosen to commemorate the "International Day of the Woman". Argentine Philately always took care to remember, to outstanding women of our country and of the international scope like for example the Mother Teresa of Calcuta, Eva Perón, Cecilia Grierson, Juana Azurduy, Juana Manuela Gorriti, Alfonsina Storni, Delfina Bunge,  Mothers of "Plaza de Mayo".

Our philatelic memory, goes to all the outstanding Argentine women, to them that every day and everywhere of our country, in quiet form, they fight to maintain his homes and his deeper ideals.

 To all of them, THANKS


                                                     ARGENTINA PHILATELY,  March  2007