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The Falkland Islands are Argentine



Spanish Version



1982 - 2 April - 2006


24 Years





1982 - 2 April - 2007

25 Anniversary








The 2 of April of 1982, the ex- President of the military process General Galtieri decided to recover our Falklands Islands using the force. Today we remembered this madness with a feeling that at least to me generates contradiction to me. By a side I feel that the Falklands belong to us and we must continue demanding them as is by pacific means. On the other hand I do not want that one becomes to repeat the madness of a war. East Philatelic tribute goes to all those that gave their life in this War.


March of the Falklands


After its Fog mantle

there are to forget no them


cries out the wind, ruge the sea.


 Nor of Those horizons

 our standard has to take then

 its target this in mounts and in its

 blue one the sea is dyed.


 * By absentee, won, under strange pavilion

 ningun wanted ground but of the mother

 country in the extension.


 Who does not speak resignation,

 forgetfulness aqui, of pardon,

 ningun wanted ground

 but of the Mother country in the extension.


 * After his mantle of fog as a sun our ideal


in dominion goes inmortal,

 and before the sun of our pure emblem,

nitida and triunfal it shines,

 oh Mother country! in your diadema

 the lost one per it austral


 Refrain For honor of Our emblem,

for national pride, it shines,

oh Mother country! in your diadema

the lost one per it austral



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Watch country reality through images is possible. The style of like this, is to know his postage stamps. It�s consider, landscapes , father country, heros and culture. In a stamp can be reflected for ever a memory of moment lived . Invite to come in my world , to tray understand more my beloved country Argentina.



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