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Argentine Federation of Philatelic Institutions ( FAEF )


The Argentina Federation of Philatelic Institutions reunites to philatelic institutions of all the country that to her are afilian.

It was born the 29 of September of 1952, and their 6 members were:

Philatelic Association of the Argentine Republic

Buenos Aires Philatelic Association

Buenos Aires Philatelic Society

Philatelic Center Buenos Aires

Philatelic Circle of Liniers

Argentina Philatelic Society

At the moment is integrated to more than 60 associations of all the country.

The FAEF has Legal Function  from 1994 under nro 227/94 of the General Inspectorate of Justice of the Argentine Republic.

The FAEF (Argentine Federation of Philatelic Institutions) is a member of the Inter-American Federation of Philatelic Organizations

 and from 1951 is a  member of the International Federation of Philately ( FIA ).

The objective of the Federation is:

To promote the development of the Philately.

To Defend  the interests of the Philately Collectors .

Promote the union between Philatelic Organizations and to collaborate with the activities that his make affiliated.

To maintain  International relations and the representation in the another  Institutions of the American Continent.

Meetings and Attention :

The FAEF staff  meets the second Tuesdays of every month to 19:30hs in the address:

 Federación Argentina de Entidades Filatélicas

Juan Domingo Perón 1479 4to Floor

C1037ACA City of Buenos Aires


Philatelic Library:

The Federation has a Library that is called "Néstor J Lopez", and is opened to the public the Tuesdays days  of 16 hs to 20 hs.

The FAEF has a Web site where you can obtain more data. To see http://www.faef.8m.net