Stamps, an expression of culture, art and argentinean history.

Argentinean Comedian

Tato Bores

Look the reality of Argentina country, through images is possible. One of the ways to do it, is to know your postage stamps. They reflect, landscapes, its heroes, its culture and history. In a stamp can be reflected forever the memory of an important event or fact highlighted. I invite you to enter this world, to try to understand a little more, our beloved country, ARGENTINA

Here you will find stamps dedicated to heroes of our independence, series dedicated to historical commemorations, stamps of Argentina Antarctica. My collection started in the 1970s, but also find some older classics stamps.


Pablo Di Maria – Friday , October 22th , 2021


Diego Armando Maradona goal to United Kingdom in 1986s

Diego Armando Maradona goal to United Kingdom in 1986s

Best Goal of all time, as the eyes of the beholder, by Diego Maradona in the World Cup in 1986. Argentines we have no doubt that it was the most fantastic of all goals ever seen. If someone does not understand what this meant Maradona goal for many Argentines, I recommend reading the story: “I’ll have to excuse” of Eduardo Sacheri. This story can read it in the book: “Awaiting him to Tito and other stories Football” Editorial Galerna. Diego Armando Maradona, gave us plenty of sporting joy to the Argentines. Here are various series of stamps of the World Cup.