Falkland Islands ( Argentina ) – 1982 – April 2 – 2016

The Falkland Islands composed of the island "Soledad" and the "Gran Malvina" is located 480 km from the Argentine coasts and located within our continental shelf. They were usurped by the British on January 3, 1833, making our islands to Marine Colonel José Maria Pinedo. From that moment until the present our country never stopped claiming its rights over the Falkland Islands usurped by the English.

The war confrontation "Falklands War" was initiated on April 2, 1982 and ended on June 14, 1982, leaving a result of 746 dead and 1053 wounded. Go to them our permanent memory. Remembrance, Truth and Justice for them.


Cruise ARA Gral Belgrano.

Gral Belgrano Cruise

Sunk by the submarine Conqueror during the Falklands War, on May 2, 1982. It was outside the "exclusion zone" imposed by Britain during those days. The crew of the Belgrano was 1042 men.

The sinking was ordered by former British Prime Minister Margaret Tatcher, most responsible for the deaths of 323 compatriots killed in this tragedy.

The Argentine Air Force in the Malvinas

Argentine Dagger aircraft during the Falklands War

On May 1, 1982, the Argentine Air Force wrote a new page of its history being this day its Baptism of Fire. The airmen of the Argentine Air Force heroically fulfilled their duty and were recognized even by the invading British forces.

Year 1829 Creation of the political and military command of the Falkland Islands and those adjacent to Cape Horn in the Atlantic Sea

The question of the Malvinas Islands, sovereignty since always.
The question of the Malvinas Islands, sovereignty since always.